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September 09, 2022


Dear Valued Residents and Business Owners:

The members of the Totowa Fire Department hope that this letter finds you all healthy and safe.

Throughout the past few years, our department has continued to respond when called upon for emergencies despite the ever-changing occurrences in everyday life.

As we have done in the two years prior, we will continue to conduct our annual fundraiser via mail, or PayPal and Venmo to keep everyone safe. We hope that you can help us by donating so that our department can continue to provide firefighting services to our community.

The support that you have provided to our department in years prior has allowed for continued training and purchasing of vital equipment needed to respond to emergencies. By donating to our fundraising efforts, our department can continue to provide the training and equipment needed to provide the quickest, most efficient


Interested in serving your community? We are ALWAYS looking for new volunteers to join our department and helping us to keep our community safe. Training is free! Call 973-956-8644 or stop by any firehouse for more information.

Always be sure to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors! Not sure if your detector needs to be replaced? Give our department a call and we can assist you in determining whether your detector should be replaced. If either detector sounds, call 911 right away!

The members of the Totowa Fire Department thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you at our Annual Totowa and West Paterson Fire Department Holiday Parade on November 26 at 6pm!

Totowa Fire Department

Fund Drive Committee

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