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The History of Fire Rescue Co. #4

Organized as a unit, January 18th, 1955, by a group of wartime, ex-volunteer firemen and newcomers between the ages of 18 years to 60 years, as provided by the State of New Jersey C.D. Council regulations. During the first year, fifteen men signed up and were issued a helmet, coat and boots, and each man was to operate from the nearest fire company to his home; answering all alarms and drills. Records of attendance were kept. From January 18th, 1955, to October 30th, 1957, we had taken in 34 members, of which 16 men were accepted as active members into various companies. 


On October 30, 1957, we re-organized with 18 members and appointed our own line officers, operating under the command of the Borough of Totowa Fire Chief and Police Chief. On November 6,  1957, the Mayor and Council gave us the old Riverview Park Fire Company 1941 Ford truck; which was reconditioned and repaired for our own use, sponsoring 25 active men with gear. 


On April 2nd, 1958, the Mayor and Council passed an ordinance to construct a firehouse on Mitchell Avenue. The construction was completed in August of 1958. We progressed so strongly during 1958 to November of 1963, that the Mayor and Council authorized the building of a 1600 sq.ft. addition to our present building, to hous the rescue truck we had acquired and for other Civil Defense departments to operate from. In February of 1967, the Mayor and Council turned over the 1950 Mack truck of Lincoln Fire Company to our unit and, after re-conditioning, replaced the old 1941 Ford truck, which was turned over to the Boro. Swr Department.  


On February 27, 1979, we received a new Dodge “6-man cab,” small utility truck which we converted into a rescue truck. Through the efforts of Fire Chief Allen Del Vecchio, th Mayor and Council passed an ordinance and voted on September 9th, 1980, to accept th present 15 members of our unit into the Borough of Totowa Fire Department.


On December 8th, 1981, Fire Rescue Company #4 received a new “Midi Pumper,” GMC truck with a 500-gallon water tank capable of pumping 250 G.P.M., also trained to handle hazardous chemicals, gas detectors, a “jaws of life” and various other types of emergency equipment.

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